Wednesday, October 19, 2005


More Aburiya Kinnosuke

I thought I'd round out my description of Aburiya Kinnosuke by showing a few more final dishes (until I go back for more).

Take a look at this tasty ume-sour, made of an umeboshi and shochu.

Here is a wonderful sea-bass dish cooked on a robata grill. Notice how finely the green onions are cut, and how the sea bass is nestled on a bed of miso. Mmm. And, because the restaurant doesn't do a lot of meat grilling, the air doesn't smell heavy and oily; you can really taste the fish.

This dish has 5 different vegetables: carrots, gobou (burdock root), bamboo shoots, lotus root . . . and one other I can't remember off the top of my head.

Sesame pudding for dessert. Very rich, sort of like vanilla, but with a more complex flavor. It's great to discover that there are still new twists on classic types of dessert.

I'm looking forwrad to going back and eating more, and highly recommend that others try out this unique New York restaurant.

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You tell us how good they taste but they look almost too beautiful to eat. I once heard that in Japan they eat their food many ways. First they feast with their eyes (the presentation of the food — as well the dish, which hold the food), then they enjoy its aroma, etc. Thus, their food is prepared in such manner. How did you discover this wonderful restaurant?
Hi Marie,

Next time you & G are back this way, I've got a few good restaurants for you to try in SF!

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