Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Moon Viewing Rabbits

It's still moon viewing season in Japan.

If you were in Japan, you'd see window displays, or seasonal ads that combine these elements: rabbits, rice cakes and the moon.

Where is the rabbit in the moon, and what is the deal with the rice cakes? These pictures should help clarify the origin of the story.

In US people tried to visit the moon and succeeded doing so. But in Japan people created a story of rabbit living in this fairyland. Us children grew up by listening this story and became familiar with the concept of "the rabbit in the moon," and worried when the moon began to lose its face. There are so many songs about the moon, which children use to sing throughout the year. I still feel warm inside me when I sing the song of moon, for I recollect my happy and innocent childhood. Thank you for awakening my happy memory.
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