Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Memoirs of a Geisha Beauty Products on Sale

You knew it was coming.

The upscale beauty product line Fresh has released a new line of cosmetics that tie in with the movie Memoirs of a Geisha.

I snapped this photo of the Fresh boutique window on Bleeker Street in New York.

Products include "Flower Petal Mask, Shimmer Powder with Crushed Pearls and a Beauty Palette featuring Premier Rose Satin Luster."

I know that we often like to giggle at the Engrish T-shirts for sale in Japan. But I think quite a few Japanese would giggle at the "Memoirs of a Geisha" beauty kit.

That said, I did see "geiko lipstick" for sale in tourist shops in Kyoto this summer. It was essentially red paint inside a shell, and came with a little brush. It wasn't exactly authentic, but approximated the traditional stuff that real geiko use.

It might have been nice if the Fresh product packaging had mirrored the authentic packaging. But oh well. Movies are about selling a fantasy, not necessarily documenting reality.

I agree that probably Japanese will giggle when they see these products. I remember the incident, long ago in Austria, when I was going to buy a dirndl for my daughter at the typical gift shop. They looked cute and I found the right size for her. Then my Austrian friend laughed at them, for they were not AUTHENTIC DIRNDLS. I am sure one can encounter such culture gimmick any part of the world.
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