Thursday, September 29, 2005


Lettuce Club Dinners

I'm trying to spend an hour a day or so doing something that involves reading Japanese.

Lately, I've been reading recipies from Lettuce Club, which is a sort of home ec like magazine full of tips on how to be a far more efficient and tidy homemaker than I will ever have a prayer of being.

The latest effort involved lots of dishes with mushrooms. I made:

1. salmon with sauted peppers, onions and mushrooms
2. obligatory miso soup with shimeji
3. a salad with maitake, lotus, and bean sprouts
4. bean salad with white miso and walnut dressing
5. and of course rice.

It wasn't bad. I find that if you just learn some basic kanji (saute, mix, salt, sugar), then you can read most of these recipes. I'm thinking of picking up more cooking magazines.

On a related note, I've decided to read Banana Yoshimoto's book Kitchen in Japanese too.

Orenji Page has the best recipes! And they also sometimes publish stuff like "Hajimete Okazu" or "Daijina Hito no tame no Okasu!" -- a collection of beginner recipes for a chick to snag a hungry guy with (rolls eyes).

Ah, natsukashi~~~i!
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