Thursday, August 25, 2005


How to Enjoy the Starbucks Green Tea Frappuccino

I used to really miss the matcha frappuccino, or green tea frappuccino, previously available in Starbucks Japan but not America.

(Here is Gordon enjoying a matcha frappuccino outside the Starbucks in Kyoto. I would feel bad about going into a Starbucks in Japan if it weren't for this drink alone, and I'm afraid I convinced Gordon of how they good they are once we were there.)

I love real green tea. It's kind of hard to get here America, though you can get a few products. My favorite yakitori in New York also makes a great green tea pudding for dessert which I always eat when I am there.

So I was really thrilled when I came back from Japan this year to find that Starbucks America had introduced their version of the green tea frappucino. My mother and I went out to get one and -- it was terrible! Horrible! Didn't taste like green tea at all, but like melon! Gross! Plus it was disgustingly sweet.

(Here is my brilliant friend and chef Isao, enjoying a beautiful cup of real matcha in Kyoto at Ippodo. I've learned a lot about food and trends from him over the years, and can't wait till he has his own restaurant!)

My friend Isao, who is a chef, always complains to me that American food is too sweet and too salty, and I think that this is true in many respects. So, I tried to experiment with Starbucks' whole "customization" option to come up with something that approximates the matcha frappuccino.

Here it is:

Ask for:
1 green tea frappuccino
no syrup
no whip cream
with one shot of espresso

The first time I did this, the girl behind the counter said, "Interesting."

But I'll tell you this -- it tasted damned good.

I'll second the "damned good" bacause it is!
Not impressed with the GT either but adding espresso sounds terrible. My wife's more the GT drinker but neither of us can stand coffee.

Find GT smoothie places do much better job - or a pearl tea place, preferably without the pearls.
I ordered a venti
"unsweetened" with 2 espressoshot and add whip on top .

was phenomenal
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